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The symbols of Puglia arrive on the jars of Nutella

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19 Settembre 2020

For Nutella lovers, a limited edition will enhance some treasures of Puglia

Vedere Trulli Alberobello Puglia A tasty gift for those who, like myself, love Nutella and Puglia .
Ferrero , with the aim of celebrating the main attractions of our country, starting next 12 October will bring to the market a Limited Edition called “ I love you Italy “.

But the news of the news is that in this limited edition it will be prot the splendid Puglia is also competitive thanks to the presence of two characteristic places, Alberobello ( in the surroundings of Bari) and the Grotta della Poesia (Salento).

This interesting initiative, definitely aimed at relaunching tourism in our country, and therefore also of Puglia, it could only find space on this blog .
For the more curious it is advisable to visit the news source .

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