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International Street Food returns to Bari

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November 28, 2019

The Street Food Festival returns to Bari this year too


Bari street food festival

Great news for street food lovers! The International Street Food Festival returns to Bari for its 27th stage, precisely in Piazzale Lorusso (San Pasquale district).

The event, scheduled from Friday 29 November to Sunday 1 December, is the perfect opportunity to taste various products and specialties typical of Italian and international cuisine.

Craft beers, burgers, focaccias, local cured meats, Argentine and Mexican cuisine, are just some of the things you can find from Friday afternoon until midnight on Sunday.
Street food - or street food - is not only a time to satisfy your palate, but also a way to be in the company of friends and the many people who flock to this festival every year.

If you are in Bari I highly recommend taking a trip to Piazzale Lorusso , I have been there and I will gladly go back 😉

Here is the exact point where the Street Food Festival in Bari will take place.


Gastronomic experiences in Bari

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