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What is there to see near Bari?
A world to be discovered!
Here are some beautiful places around

As mentioned several times in this blog, the Puglia it is a land rich in resources and some of its best expressions are just around Bari.

From north to south this land is full of suggestive places and of attractions incredible that will leave you breathless for their beauty and uniqueness.

See how many things you could visit a few kilometers from Bari, the Apulian capital.

Ovviamente quelli elencati non sono assolutamente  gli unici da segnalare, tuttavia sono un ottimo spunto per darvi l’idea di quanti bei places can be visited in surroundings of Bari and even beyond.

Can't wait to discover them?
Then you just have to keep scrolling the page to see these amazing and typical places of Puglia , remembering that all this is a stone's throw from Bari .

Tour to discover the surroundings of Bari

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The majestic Mercadante Forest

It is true, Matera is not in Puglia, yet the strategic position of Bari allows you to reach the city of stones in less than an hour by car. Are you fascinated by the idea? then also discover Matera .

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