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The attractions of Puglia with BP Events, including cocktails, music and food made in Puglia

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An emotional guide to Bari!

Experience by BP Events – Barproject Academy

A variety of unique experiences in the typical Apulian setting. Discover the experiences of BP Events


Sensory experiences tour Bari Puglia

As you prepare to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Puglia , a unique opportunity awaits you to enrich your experience in a memorable way.

BP Events , an initiative born from the acclaimed Bari-based company Barproject Academy , offers you the chance to live authentic and unrepeatable experiences in the heart of Bari and beyond. Whether you're a solo traveler looking for adventure, a couple eager to explore the romance of the region, or a group of friends thirsty for fun, there's something amazing for everyone.

Immerse yourself in the enchanted atmosphere of a traditional Italian breakfast , sip the best Italian aperitif cocktails while learning mixology techniques, or let yourself be transported to an exclusive party on a boat while you dance and toast with friends in the Adriatic Sea.

Explosive evenings in secret bars with music, cocktails and local gastronomy, the universe of BP Events is an invitation to explore the most fun and colorful part of Puglia, with the aim of offering unique and personalized experiences. With the events offered by BP Events , your trip will transform into an unforgettable experience, enriched by the culture, cuisine and authentic hospitality of this wonderful Italian region.


Beverage Aperitif Experience in the city

BP Events Bari beverage aperitif tour

Explore the magic of the Italian aperitif in a secret bar with a unique atmosphere with the BP Events Aperitif . Led by an expert bartender, you will discover the raw materials, learn to prepare and taste classic and renowned cocktails , and taste the inevitable and exquisite typical Bari dishes . A real immersion in the world of Italian cocktails to create delicious drinks (with professional equipment) and receive a special gift.

Breakfast Experience in perfect Italian style

Breakfast tour BP Events Bari Puglia

The magic of an Italian breakfast in a secret bar with the BP Events Breakfast . Together with an expert barista, you will discover the raw materials to learn how to prepare espressos and cappuccinos (with professional equipment) with a tasting of traditional desserts. Immerse yourself in the Italian excellence of coffee in the company of a professional in the sector; you will return home satisfied and eager to prepare delicious breakfasts for your guests.

Boat Experience on the Apulian sea

Boat tour Monopoli Polignano Bari BP Events

What if you were considering a fantastic private party in Puglia? Here is an exclusive experience on board a boat with up to 25 reserved seats ; this is the BP Events Boat Experience where you could board a boat moored in the picturesque Monopoli pier for 4 hours, enjoying the beauty of the sea accompanied by drinks and typical Apulian food . An interesting experience to immerse yourself in the luxury and beauty of the Puglia sea , creating indelible memories to take with you.

Taste reality, a sensorial experience

Drink experience Bp Events Bari

Explore an innovative format that combines virtual reality with the pleasure of tasting with the Virtual Reality Drink Experience by BP Events . Using a VR headset and a custom app, participants can select virtual reality videos that stimulate other senses while enjoying a drink . A sensorial experience for innovative and memorable entertainment during your splendid experience in Puglia .

Discover the innovative experiences of BP EVENTS

Whether you're looking for an authentic dining experience, an unusual boat adventure or an innovative way to explore the world of cocktails, BP Events has something out of the ordinary.

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