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Torre a Mare: between panorama, food and nightlife. Here is the characteristic neighborhood of Bari with its marina


Torre a Mare , considered a district of Bari , is an area slightly detached from the city but reachable by car in less than 10 minutes, specifically by taking the Bari towards the south (direction Brindisi).

It is a neighborhood built around a sixteenth-century tower which, in turn, overlooks the square in the area near the sea.

The historic center of Torre a Mare is really very small, however it is full of many small places that attract nightlife at any time of the year but especially in the warm periods.

In fact, there are many young people and families who flock to this area which, despite being decentralized, attracts the attention of Bari residents and tourists; for example, it is the habit of the people of Bari to go for a coffee in Torre a Mare with the arrival of the first hot days, just as this becomes even more frequent with the arrival of summer.

There is no shortage of bars, pubs, restaurants and trattorias for entertainment, a reason that also pushes many tourists to visit this area and to immortalize the beautiful marina that has always characterized Torre a Mare ; Also worth mentioning is the pier where you can access and take a nice walk, admiring the landscape and enjoying the smell of the Bari sea.

If you then decide to go to the pier when the sun sets, the spectacle is guaranteed.

An example? here are some photos of a Sunday in June in Torre a Mare .

Torre a mare Bari district
Torre a mare Bari district
Welcome to Torre a Mare
Marina Torre a mare
Sea of ​​Torre a Mare Bari
Welcome to Torre a Mare

Where is Torre a Mare located?

Km from Bari
Minutes by car

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