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Dinner in the sky: the restaurant suspended in the air arrives on the Bari seafront

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May 16, 2023

From 21st to 25th June you can eat suspended in the air, 50 meters high! Dinner in the sky arrives on the seafront

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Dinner in the sky suspended restaurant Bari PugliaImagine yourself suspended 50 meters in the air , enjoying an incredible panoramic view of the splendid Bari seafront , with the crystal clear water stretching to the horizon and the city in motion below you. This is the unique experience that “Dinner in the Sky” .

Dinner in the Sky is a futuristic culinary attraction that combines the thrill of a delicious meal with the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding landscape. Imagine climbing aboard a platform suspended 50 meters high , where a restaurant awaits you to delight you with gastronomic delicacies as you float in the air.

But how does it work? First of all, it is important to highlight that “Dinner in the Sky” is a completely safe and regulated attraction. The platform, in fact, was designed to guarantee maximum safety for the entire duration of the experience. You will be carefully secured to your seats using seat belts, so you can relax and enjoy this unusual adventure without any worries.

Once secured, the restaurant will begin to slowly rise upwards and then remain suspended in the air , thus offering you a unique view of the city of Bari. In short, it will be like flying over the rooftops, or rather, in this specific case over the sea of ​​Bari , enjoying an unparalleled panorama. You will be able to admire the Margherita Theater which stands imposingly, the suggestive San Nicola pier with its colorful boats and the fascinating typical skyline of Bari which will show itself in all its beauty as you enjoy every bite.

This unique experience, between sky and sea, is open to both tourists and citizens of Bari, offering everyone the chance to experience an unforgettable moment. Whether you are a couple looking for a romantic atmosphere, a group of friends eager to try something new or a family looking for an exciting adventure, “Dinner in the Sky” will certainly be the perfect choice.

But be careful, it will only be available from 21st to 25th June , barring extraordinary extensions.
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