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Which beaches to see in Bari and its surroundings? Here are some beautiful places to relax and enjoy the sea of ​​Puglia

As you already know Bari is a seaside city , and if you want to tan and take a dip then you will most likely have already realized that you have come to the right place.

Bari always thinks of its citizens and of all those who choose to come to the city for a weekend or to enjoy some days of holiday in Puglia.

In the city there are several areas where it is possible to stop for a sunbath rather than for a nice swim, on all the now very famous beaches of Pane e Pomodoro or Torre Quetta.

But there are many other corners of Bari and the province where you can admire a crystal clear sea and breathtaking landscapes ; obviously you won't find them all here, but the intention is to offer you a range of ideas to at least start your experience in Bari and Puglia.

So here are some characteristic and interesting places selected for your curiosity: sand or rocks? it is certainly a matter of taste, the important thing is to give you the opportunity to enjoy the sea and the climate of our beloved Puglia .

Treat yourself to an emotion in the sea of ​​Puglia

Opportunities to fully enjoy your experience in Puglia! And if you have an unexpected event, cancellation is FREE .

Some experiences to do in Bari and surrounding areas

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