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Love for Puglia: the Beckham family comes back for the holidays

21 Luglio 2020

The Beckhams once again choose Puglia as a destination for summer holidays.


Vacanze in Puglia Beckham It is always difficult to forget Puglia , especially in summer, and confirming this there is the Beckham family that despite the long distance between them and the Puglia , apparently never misses a chance to return ... and we can only be proud and happy.

The news was leaked by the British tabloid Daily Mail which states that the Beckham family has landed these days in Puglia.

The chosen area is obviously the same as the busy year, that is, a suggestive and luxurious resort at the gates of Savelletri in the province of Brindisi, the same chosen from Madonna for her birthday (we are about 50 km from Bari ).

So once again the celebrities return to crowd the Puglia , after all one of the most famous families in the world could only opt for the most beautiful region in the world for your summer holidays .

Fonte della notizia.

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