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A jewel in the heart of Bari's seafront: here is the Kursaal Santalucia Theatre


Theaters of Bari Kursaal Santa Lucia

If you are passionate about history, theaters and above all Art Nouveau style seafront of Bari will surely attract your attention .

The Kursaal Santalucia Theater is part of the group of those theaters that have made the history of this city also by virtue of its external appearance which undoubtedly makes it among the most beautiful and characteristic buildings built in Bari .
The Kursaal Santalucia , designed in 1925 in late Italian Art Nouveau , has had various uses which have seen it, over time, also serve as a cinema as well as a theatre , without forgetting that in its first years of life it was even used as a rehearsal room for the shows of the Petruzzelli Theatre , another jewel of Bari and not far from the Kursaal Santalucia .

The theatre , made up of around 400 seats as well as various and precious paintings and frescoes, was the subject of meticulous restoration work between 2020 and 2021 which saw it become a protagonist also from a technological point of view since it now the auditorium has the latest generation instruments while the seats literally disappear under the floor (thanks to an automatism designed specifically) to also host other types of events and transform the environment into a large welcoming room.

Therefore, the Kursaal Santalucia theater certainly falls within the quadrilateral of the most beautiful, famous and experienced theaters in Bari together with the famous Petruzzelli theater , Margherita theater (built directly on the sea) and the Piccinni theater , i.e. the municipal theater of the city located on the famous Corso Vittorio Emanuele , in the beating heart of Bari .

Where is the Kursaal Santalucia Theater located?

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