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For lovers of paintings and sculptures: the Pinacoteca di Bari, the art museum on the city's seafront


The Bari Art Gallery entitled "Corrado Giaquinto" , an eighteenth-century painter, is a museum that offers the visitor a collection of paintings created by Apulian artists or works of art that have a correlation, direct or indirect, with Puglia .

The Art Gallery preserves an artistic heritage spanning a time period that starts from the Middle Ages and ends up to the present day with contemporary works of art.

Divided into sections, the museum displays a real collection of works by Italian artists , specifically they are painters not only from Puglia but also from the Neapolitan school.

The Art Gallery , located since the 1930s inside the Provincial Palace Bari seafront , boasts a location with an impressive architectural structure that is visible even from afar; in fact the building that houses the museum represents one of the main symbols of the seafront itself.

The Bari Art Gallery offers extensive historical documentation of Apulian art, or in any case in relation to Apulia (from the 11th to the 20th century), in this case through works that include medieval sculptures, Venetian paintings from Apulian churches and works by numerous Pinacoteca was dedicated .

Apulian culture , you cannot skip this stage; furthermore it would also be an opportunity to walk along the historic and lively seafront of Bari (among the most beautiful to visit in Italy) .


For information on the collections and opening days/hours it is advisable the Pinacoteca website

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