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Lolita Lobosco 2: the locations of the scenes filmed and what to see in the area

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What is there to see in the areas where Lolita Lobosco was filmed?
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After the success of 2021, the well-known fiction "The Investigations of Lolita Lobosco" and with it also all the curiosity of viewers about the of this very popular television series were filmed (over 6 million viewers for the first episode – Source: Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno).

Obviously, the second season of the fiction was also filmed entirely in Puglia , precisely between Bari and various nearby locations such as Conversano, Mola di Bari, Monopoli and San Vito (Polignano a Mare) , with wonderful shots also taken by drones and which also this time they did not go unnoticed by the TV audience.

Small anecdote: every time this fiction is broadcast, instantly receives a flow of visitors to the site looking for information on Bari and its surroundings , so if you are wondering if you are in the right place, the answer is absolutely YES!

Lolita's house: what to see in the area?

Lolita's house Lobosco fiction

Lolita Lobosco 's house is located on the terrace of an ancient building in Piazza dell'Odegitria, as well as the square of the splendid Romanesque cathedral of San Sabino whose characteristic is its imposing bell tower overlooking old Bari . But the thousand-year history of the ancient village of Bari preserves much more... below are some places that are absolutely worth seeing in the area .

Interior of the police station: what to see here?

Lolita Lobosco Police Headquarters scenes shot and Bari

All meetings with the commissioner take place inside the Palazzo della Città Metropolitana of Bari , as well as the headquarters of the Art Gallery. The exteriors of the police station, however, can be traced back to those of another building located in Monopoli .
Having said that, given that in this case we are on the Bari seafront, what is it possible to see in this area? Here is the museum and the Art Nouveau theatre.

Exterior of the police station: the Monopoli area

Palazzo Palmieri Lolita Lobosco

If the internal part of the police station is set in Bari, precisely inside the Palazzo della Città Metropolitana of Bari , the exteriors of the police station, as well as the entrance with the police cars, are part of Palazzo Palmieri , a baroque style building located in the heart of the historic center of Monopoli, province of Bari .
Below are some attractions in the area.

Lolita on the San Antonio Pier: what's here

Location on the sea Lolita Lobosco

It is one of the most beautiful points of all to enjoy the Bari seafront , probably the most strategic area to enjoy it entirely. The Sant'Antonio pier is accessed from the old Bari , which is why there are various things to see, however we highlight the main ones such as the Margherita Theatre, the fort and the old Bari wall.

Lolita on Costa Ripagnola: attractions in the area

Costa Ripagnola scenes Lolita Lobosco

Costa Ripagnola also appeared in some scenes , a stretch of agricultural land located in the province of Bari, precisely between Cozze and San Vito , known for its uncontaminated and natural space, characterized by small and ancient trulli scattered in the area, near a splendid sea that frames the landscape. In this area it is possible to visit San Vito and Cozze!

The place of Lolita's memories: San Vito

San Vito places location Lolita Lobosco

There are several scenes of Lolita as a child , in the company of her father, in the waters of San Vito . San Vito is a hamlet on the outskirts of Polignano a Mare , whose imposing Abbey at the foot of the sea is absolutely recognizable during the fiction. What else to see in this area? As it is easy to imagine, Polignano a Mare becomes the obligatory place to visit together with Cala Port'Alga , a hidden corner of Polignano! However, we are also not very far from Conversano , another location of Lolita Lobosco 2 .

Discover the places seen on TV

Confguide – Confcommercio Bari organizes a half-day guided tour to discover some of the most seen places during the drama.

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