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Works of the Pinacoteca of Bari

An experience between medieval and modern art at the seafront museum: the Pinacoteca di Bari


Visitare museo Pinacoteca Bari The Pinacoteca di Bari “Corrado Giaquinto” has a prestigious collection of works, mixed with paintings , sculptures and historical objects of southern style; the authors of these collections, in fact, are mainly artists from southern Italy including De Nittis, Altamura, Netti, Piccinni, Armenise, Pino Pascali (to name but a few, but there are so many) and - above all - Corrado Giaquinto , the Apulian artist from whom this unmissable art museum takes its name , a real jewel of Bari and of the south.

The Pinacoteca "Corrado Giaquinto" is located in a strategic position on the seafront of Bari , which is why the choice of stopping is quite probable, perhaps during a walk on the coast of the city, to visit this museum full of important 19th, 20th and 21st century paintings, as well as interesting works of contemporary art .

Visitare Pinacoteca Bari Italy Your wonderful experience would consist of a very fascinating" artistic "journey that includes a visit to 22 rooms full of Apulian works of art (or in any case closely related to Puglia ) accompanied by the very evocative interiors of the structure, we are talking about the building that houses these precious collections (one of the palaces without shadow of doubt among the most beautiful and characteristic d el Apulian capital ), often appreciated by tourists from all over the world to the point of mentioning it in the various reviews released on the web, thus making it an active part of the overall experience inside the museum.

Vedere Pinacoteca di Bari As regards the collections of the Pinacoteca di Bari , we can include not only Apulian paintings and sculptures , but also black and white drawings, watercolors, objects and even fragments of sculptures recovered inside the numerous Romanesque buildings scattered throughout the region and which have always characterized the architectural style of the splendid Puglia . In short, if you are wondering if it is worth visiting this place during your trip to Bari the answer is absolutely YES.
The museum is located on the fourth floor of the splendid Palazzo della Provincia di Bari (don't worry, there is also a lift for the elderly) and if curiosity assails you, there is a very kind staff at your disposal ready to welcome you and answer your questions.

For more info on the collections and on days / opening hours we recommend again visit the website of Pinacoteca.

Where is the Pinacoteca di Bari located?

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