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The investigations of Lolita Lobosco: 10 locations of the RAI1 drama


This is where the scenes of Lolita Lobosco, the successful drama broadcast on RAI1, were filmed



After the success of the television miniseries broadcast on RAI1 between February and March 2021, with the last episode recording over 7 million listeners (source Repubblica), let's see what some of the main locations shown on TV were.

The drama , in fact, was filmed entirely in Puglia , specifically in Bari and the surrounding areas, with footage that impressed viewers to the point of running online in search of everything that was shown in each episode on TV.

In light of this great success of the fiction "The investigations of Lolita Lobosco" , will show you a list of places where some of the most beautiful scenes of this miniseries aired on national channels were filmed; It is absolutely not the first time that Bari has been shown on TV or on the big screens (see also Life Ahead on Netflix with Sophia Loren) , yet our territory never ceases to amaze.

RAI1 drama and where they are .

Lolita's house, cathedral area

It is one of the scenes filmed from the beginning of this fiction; Lolita 's house is located on the terrace of a building in Piazza dell'Odegitria, as well as the square of the splendid Romanesque cathedral of San Sabino whose characteristic is its imposing bell tower overlooking old Bari .

Cathedral Church church San Sabino Bari

Getting around in old Bari

Old Bari Lolita 's walks and travels with her family and beyond... especially when she returns home, the ancient village is always the protagonist of the scene.

Ancient village Bari old historic center

The walk in Largo Apricocca

The evening walk with Danilo is in a lovely square in old Bari, in the beating heart of the historic centre; it is called Largo Apricocca , renamed "the lovers' square". Everything's fine, right?

Inside the police station, facing the sea

All meetings with the commissioner take place inside the Palazzo della Città Metropolitana of Bari , as well as the headquarters of the Art Gallery. The exteriors of the police station, however, can be traced back to those of another building located in Monopoli .

Museums museum art gallery Bari

On the seafront aboard the Apecar

Lolita often travels aboard an Apecar (3-wheeled motorcycle) and as she travels along the entire Bari seafront she is enchanted by the monuments and attractions she encounters along the way; the memory of her father and her childhood is always alive.

Visiting Bari with your dog

The Margherita theater, seen from the drone

Filmed in various circumstances, even in the promotional videos of the drama, the Margherita theater is undoubtedly one of the main symbols of the center of Bari . The theater built on the sea is an architectural monument also visible from the seafront .

Margherita Theater along the Bari seafront

Free time at Pane e Pomodoro

Lolita 's main landmarks , both for dating and jogging; her beloved beach of Pane e Pomodoro , the beach of the Bari people .

San Vito, a key place

Lolita 's father dies following an alleged accident. It all takes place at the foot of the characteristic Abbey of San Vito , a small yet splendid town on the outskirts of Polignano a Mare .

San Vito Polignano near Bari

Monopoli, at the crime scene

In the fiction it is one of the points where the murder (initially intended as suicide) of Vittorio Lolita 's former schoolmate, . The scene is filmed on the walls of the ancient village of Monopoli , near the Carlo V Castle .

Sea wall Monopoli Puglia

Best wishes from the Monopoli marina

There are several scenes filmed in the ancient port of Monopoli , above all we can include the one where the agents led by Lolita Lobosco improvise the creation of a video to wish them a Merry Christmas.

See Monopoli Puglia marina

Discover the places seen on TV

Confguide – Confcommercio Bari organizes a half-day guided tour to discover some of the most seen places during the drama.

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