BariExperience see visit Bari surroundings Puglia

For lovers of history and art, museums and interesting experiences for their trip to Bari

From the paintings of the museums to the monuments , from the historic buildings to the archaeological excavations that have brought to light the millenary history of this fantastic territory.

Bari offers an architectural, historical, artistic and cultural heritage worthy of the expectations of travelers and tourists who come to the city every year to discover every corner and anecdote of the Apulian capital .

If you are on this page you are probably looking for places that can satisfy your passion or curiosity; for this reason BariExperience responds to your needs by suggesting useful experiences for your trip to Bari, in Puglia .

See places and monuments evocative to see in Bari , or book now an archaeological tour .
Discover the millenary history of this city!

The best-selling tours to see Bari

Opportunities to fully experience the city! And if you have an unexpected event, the cancellation is FREE .

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