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Food Truck Festival Bari 2021: some images of the evening


July 30, 2021

Here are some photos of the first evening of the Food Truck Festival in Bari: Italian food with a street food twist!


Food Truck Festival Bari Puglia

A few days ago I posted on the blog the news about the arrival in Bari (for the first time) of the Food Truck Festival , an event dedicated to street food to be able to taste the authentic taste of the best Italian street food .

Exceptional location (we're talking about Largo Giannella , in the heart of Bari's seafront ) , fantastic food, lots of chatter and healthy fun, all with a backdrop of music thanks to a very nice band that enlivened a particularly hot and humid evening. I said I couldn't miss the street food festival , after all, who doesn't like street food by the sea?

And in fact I kept my word, just as I am now showing you some photos taken during the first evening of this tasty international format! Ah, I forgot... do you want to know what I ate? A nice sandwich with porchetta, some fried potatoes taken from an Apulian (which also made excellent fried panzerotti from Bari) and finally an authentic Neapolitan babà from a Neapolitan stand. I won't tell you what I had to drink because as a teetotaler I don't have much to tell you 🙂

Well, considering that your mouth will most likely be watering, I'd say let's end this very short article in style: below are some images of the evening .

Until next time!
Ivan G.

Food Truck Festival Bari Italy
Food Truck Festival Puglia Italy
Street Food Festival Bari Italy
Food Truck Festival Bari Italy
Food Truck Festival Bari Italy
Street Food Festival Puglia Italy
Food Truck Festival Bari Italy

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